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JCREES: The Japan Council of Russian and East European Studies
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The Ninth World Congress of ICCEES in Makuhari Successfully Closed

We are proud to announce that the Ninth World Congress of ICCEES in Makuhari, Japan, completed its 6-day long program and successfully closed on August 8, 2015. Over 1,300 participants from more than 60 countries explored all the disciplines of Slavic and Eurasian studies in both social sciences and humanities.
We would like to thank all the organizations and individuals for their financial and moral support. Our special thanks also go to the congress helpers whose number reached more than 100 in total.
We hope all the participants will get home safe and sound with a lot of (hopefully good) impressions about Makuhari. Bon voyage! 一路平安! Cчастливого пути! See you all again in Montreal in 2020!

The Organizing Committee for the 9th World Congress of ICCEES in Makuhari



An Important Message from Professor Andrii Krawchuk, Vice President of ICCEES:

Re: ICCEES Congress Volumes

After each ICCEES World Congress, an important piece of follow-up work is the editing and publication of thematic volumes of collected papers. At Makuhari on 6 August 2015, at an information meeting a number of themes were proposed and since then others have been added:

- Raymond Taras (Tulane University) - East Asian Perceptions, Images and Constructions of Russia in light of the Ukrainian Crisis - Seongjin Kim (Duksung Women's University, South Korea) - Migration Issues, Gender Migration - R. J. Marsh (University of Bath) - 20th-21st century Literature, Women and Gender - Suchandana Chatterjee (M.A.K. Azad Institute of Asian Studies, India) - Memory and History Writing in Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe - Ildiko Asztalos Morell (Uppsala University), Yulia Gradskova (Stockholm University) - Gender Issues in post/socialist contexts (Hungary, Serbia, Russia) - David Wells (Curtin University, Australia) - open literary theme, possible collaboration - Georges Mink (CNRS-ISP, College of Europe, France) - The Memory of Communism -- special issue of Nationalities Papers

Further proposal are welcome. Anyone wishing to formulate a proposal may review the program panels, paper titles and abstracts, which will remain accessible on the least the end of October. All Congress (Makuhari, 2015), and editors are asked to advise ICCEES once the volumes/special issues are published.

Contact person on Congress volumes:
Prof. Andrii Krawchuk akrawchuk@sympatico.ca


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Bashkortostan Offers Generous Support to the ICCEES World Congress! (

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Mayor of Chiba City

April 06, 2015 up
The Newest Version of the Congress Brochure
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Mayor of Chiba CityNovember 14, 2014 up
Visit to Mayor of Chiba City



Mayor of Chiba CityAugust 3, 2014 up
The Academic Committee has completed the Program


Mayor of Chiba CityAugust 1, 2014 up
ICCEES Seminar "From the First World War to the Ukrainian Crisis: 1914-2014"



Mayor of Chiba CityApril 8, 2014 up
The Establishment of the Kazakhstan Association of Eurasian, Russian and Central Asian Studies


Mayor of Chiba CityFebruary 6, 2014 up
The Newest Version of the Congress Brochure Began to Be Circulated!



Mayor of Chiba CityMarch 14, 2014 up
Nobuo Shimotomai, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the ICCEES World Congress visited Mr. Sergei Stepashin, former prime minister of Russia


Cultural Program
"Tea Ceremony" Program

We would like to offer a unique opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture...
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Bashkortostan Offers Generous Support to the ICCEES World Congress!

khamitovIn late April 2015, Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan (a federal subject of Russia). Mr. Rustem Zakievich Khamitov, signed...

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From the Organizing Committee Secretary

sakaiDear colleagues,

The Ninth World Congress of ICCEES will be held this year in Makuhari, Japan. As of today, 1,761 colleagues have opened their accounts as Congress participants and 450 panels and roundtables have been organized. We are very grateful to you for your active cooperation.

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Iccees Congress 2015, Makuhari, Japan



The First ICCEES World Congress to Be Held in Asia!

All previous ICCEES world congresses have been held in North America and Europe ― Banff, Garmisch, Washington, Harrogate, Warsaw, Tampere, Berlin, and Stockholm. This is the first time the congress is being held in Asia.

In addition to the traditional participants from the North Atlantic and Russia, the Organizing Committee especially welcomes "newcomers" from Asia, Eurasia, and the global South.

To make the IX World Congress a truly transformative event, we propose the catchphrase "Makuhari ― Where Many Wests Meet Many Easts."