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JCREES: The Japan Council of Russian and East European Studies

Call for Book Panels

A number of authors hope to present their publications and provoke discussion during the World Congress. In response, the Organizing Committee assigns relatively short timeslots (1:00--1:30 p.m., 6:00--6:30 p.m.) for book panels.

Only those who have their own account on the User's Page may propose a book panel.

In these panels, authors introduce their books and reply questions and criticisms. The books to be considered should be relatively new. There is no restriction on language of the book. On the contrary, the Organizing Committee welcomes if books written in neither English nor Russian come up for discussion. Yet the discussion should be held in one of the four official languages of the World Congress.

The presentation at a book panel does not contradict any other role in other panels and roudtables, but one person may organize no more than one book panel.

We request the authors who wish to have their publications discussed to fill the book panel proposal form and submit to: makuhari@l.u-tokyo.ac.jp

November 15, 2014
The Organizing Committee of the 9th World Congress of ICCEES

Book Panel Proposal Form (book_panel_proposal_form.docx.zip)