The 9th World Congress of ICCEES in Makuhari―Opening Event on August 3, 2015


The "Summit" Meeting of the Former Prime Ministers of Russia, Japan, and South Korea: "Pivot to Asia," the Rise of China, and the Future of Eurasia


stepashin fukuda lee
Sergei Stepashin (Russia) Yasuo Fukuda (Japan) Lee Hong Gu (South Korea)


on August 3, 2015, 15: 30―17:00 p.m. at Makuhari Messe, Conference Hall

Sergei Stepashin, Former Premier Minister of the Russian Federation
Lee Hong Gu, Former Premier Minister of the Republic of Korea
Yasuo Fukuda, Former Premier Minister of Japan

We are witnessing a sea change in global politics. Power is shifting from the Atlantic to Pacific region and a so-called "pivot to Asia" seems obvious. Among others, the rise of the Peoples Republic of China, both politically and economically, is attracting attention world-wide. Established in 1949, the PRC has experienced a dynamic history and has been moving towards super power status in recent years. A number of experts predict that she may surpass the United States in the near future. Is this becoming a reality? How would these changes affect the global trends, East Asia in particular? Can we see a stabilizing new world order, or must we be prepared for a new destabilizing world? All the Eurasia and East Europe experts cannot be dismissive of these challenges.

The Organizing Committee of the 9th World Congress of ICCEES invites three eminent persons, the former Premier Ministers of the Russian Federation, South Korea, and Japan, to ask them how they perceive the rise of China and what prescription they give to address this.