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MyOPAC reference material order service

What is MyOPAC reference material order service ?

MyOPAC is a service through which you can order books and copies of collections held by university and other libraries.
Please see the following [Applying for use] for the procedures required to use this service.

*You cannot order overseas collections through MyOPAC. Please inquire at the counter for this service 


Applying for use

You must submit an application form if  you are using the system for the first time and when you have renewed your student card. Please apply at bldg.3 library counter. Opening Hours are 9:00~16:30.  


Users (For those whose applications can be accepted at the Faculty of Letters library)  

Faculty, staff members, graduate students, researchers, and under graduated students of the university of Tokyo, faculty of letters. 

Necessary documents 

1. University of Tokyo library user document application form
This is available at the Bldg.3 library counter. When submitting an application form, please bring your student card, staff card or user card of affiliated libraries, as it is needed for application procedures.

2. MyOPAC reference material order service application form
You can print this out by clicking here.(This is in PDF format.) Please fill in the required sections and bring it to the bldg.3 library counter. The application form is also available at the counter. 

Using the system  

For users who have successfully completed the application as stated above, please log in through the following link. (You will need your user code and password)

§ MyOPAC service menu
Recommended Web browser versionFireFox3.6 and above


Notes on applications

For orders of copies/books, please see the following.

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Faculty of Letters Library