Course Description

Established in 2000, Cultural Resources Studies is a new major in the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology at the University of Tokyo. The Cultural Resources Studies offers two postgraduate degree courses: “Cultural Resources Studies” course and “Cultural Management” course. Both courses are available on the master’s and doctoral levels.

“Cultural Resources Studies” is a new term arising from the recognition of the need to break away from existing notions of culture as implied by conventional terminology. Our courses are committed to re-examining the diverse cultures created by humankind at its roots, through various hints of languages, forms and sounds, beyond the established accounts and definitions of culture and its underlying biases. As such the courses are aligned to a wider scholarship seeking to redefine culture from different perspectives, discover and re-evaluate its values and, contribute to the enrichment of society through its utilization.

Our courses seek to provide the intellectual impetus, the practically grounded knowledge from scholars of varying research backgrounds and experience, as well as the skills, methodologies, and platform to engage in a process of reflection, reconceptualization and reconstruction of culture, the heritage discourse and its core values and practices. In studying on the courses, you will critically address and re-visit the core question – what constitutes cultural resources? – and explore its multidisciplinary nature.

Our courses warmly welcome international students as well as mature students who wish to continue working while studying. This reflects our desire to open our university to society. Half of the students we have accepted thus far are mature students working while studying. We have welcomed people of diverse nationalities, age, and occupations. Many of our current and former students work in cultural facilities and culture related businesses, such as central and local governments, museums, art galleries, libraries, international exchange organizations and publishers.


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