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26 March 2010:  I have made some updates in some pages.
More frequent ones
here in my blogspot.
By the way
I’ll be at Clare Hall, Cambridge, from April.

27 March 2009:  Minor revisions (updates) in various pages.
News about the AJC2009. 
Church & politics in disaffected Manchester 1718-31’ and
Town & county directories in England & Wales 1677-1822

are available online as PDF.

4 January 2007:  Curriculum Vitae and Publications in English revised;
 See also
pages for AJC.

25 March 2006:  Revisions follow in my web pages for Citations and Photos.

22 March 2006:  Approaching the end of academic year 2005 and finishing several
 engagements, I revise my web pages for
CV and English publications
after such a long hiatus!

28 April 2004:  Installed State & Empire in British History: Proceedings of the AJC2003,
revised my
CV and several related pages.

14 April 2003:  Installed Interim programme of AJC2003 and revised some related pages.

29 December 2000:  Installed Town & county directories 1677-1822
in the Documents on Web site.
Installed Memorable Photos, and
added a snapshot from the album to the
Closing Remarks at the AJC, 29 September 2000.

24 October 2000:  Some minor 'beautification' of several pages.

10 October 2000: Revised pages for A-J Conference, and installed pages
for the Opening address (27 September) and
the Closing remarks (29 September).

24 August 2000:  Revised and updated Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians
and the Programme to be held 27-29 September
at IHR, Senate House, London.
All welcome to the AJC2000!

15 July 2000:  Minor revision of the interim programme for the AJC2000.

3 June 2000:  Revised the interim programme for the AJC2000.

9 May 2000:  Installed a page for Reminiscences of Prof. Chaloner;
Revised the page for A-J Conference of Historians.

11 March 2000:  Installed a page for the Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians
to be held 27-29 September 2000 at IHR, London;
and a brief history of AJC.
Installed a Documents-on-Web page for my
'Workhouse Issue at Manchester 1729-35'
(at present only for the Preface and Abbreviations),
and a review of Beasley, Japan encounters the Barbarian,
and accordingly revised the Index page.

11 January 2000:  Revised Quotes from my Publications to include
citations in English publications: Hence a bilingual page.

8 January 2000:  Installed a page for Useful Web Links, which is
bilingual and since then revised and enlarged almost weekly.

14 December 1999:  Inaugurated Kazu Kondo’s website here with
the assistance of Daisuke & Yoshiko Furuya.
English and Japanese sites are, though related,
independent of each other. And the English site consisted
first of the pages for Index, CV, Publications in English,
Books in Japanese and Articles in Japanese.

The blogspot is bilingual.

mail to: kondo at l.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Please use @ for at; l. for Letters)
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