Programme for
The Third Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians

27 - 29 September 2000
at the
Institute of Historical Research
University of London
Senate House  London  WC1E 7HU

revised 12 October 2000

 Wednesday 27th September

 10.30       Coffee and Registration
 11.00       Introduction and Welcome       Professors David Cannadine & Kazuhiko Kondo

            Medieval Constitutional History
 11.15       1. Keizo Asaji (Kansai), The Community of the Realm in England, 1258-60
                    Chair: Vanessa Harding;  Respondent: Michael Clanchy
 12.45       Lunch

            Medieval and Early Modern Gentry
 02.00       2. Yukio Arai (Ochanomizu), Why was the Opening Passage of Gentry’s Letters so long
       in the 15th Century?
                    Chair: Michael Clanchy;  Respondents: Caroline Barron & Barrie Dobson
 03.30       Tea
 04.00       3. Yasushi Aoki (Rikkyo), To be a Leading Gentry: Sir Charles Davers and Suffolk
       Voluntary Subscriptions, 1782
                    Chair: Kazuhiko Kondo;  Respondent: Stephen Farrell
 06.00      Royal Historical Society reception at UCL

 Thursday 28th September 2000

            Early Modern London
 09.30       4. Toshio Sakata (Keio), The Growth of London and its Regional Structure in the Early
       Modern Period
                    Chair: Robin Macpherson;  Respondents: Derek Keene & Vanessa Harding
 11.00       Coffee
 11.30       5. Masatoshi Miichi (Chuo), How Great were the Great Earthquakes of 1580 and 1692?
                    Chair: Robin Macpherson;  Respondents: Derek Keene & Vanessa Harding
 01.00       Lunch

            The British State and Empire from the 16th to 18th Centuries
 03.00       6. Tadashi Yamamoto (Osaka Keizai), Ireland in British Atlantic Polity in the Early Modern Age
                    Chair: Patrick O'Brien; Respondents: Stephen Ellis & John Morrill
 04.30       Tea
 05.00       7. Akio Kawashima (Kyoto), British Colonial Botanic Gardens and Edinburgh
                    Chair: Patrick O'Brien; Respondents: David Cannadine
 07.00      Buffet supper at IHR

 Friday 29th September 2000

            Women’s History
 09.30       8. Sadae Kawamura (Kyoto Pref.), Elizabeth Jesser Reid and the Founding of Bedford College for Women
                    Chair: Kazuhiko Kondo;  Respondent: Penelope Corfield
 11.00       Coffee

            The Empire in the 19th and 20th Centuries
 11.30       9. Harumi Goto-Shibata (Chiba), Japanese Perceptions of the Opium War, 1840-1930
                    Chair: Yoichi Kibata;  Respondent: Ian Nish
 01.00       Lunch
 02.00       10. Shigeru Akita (Osaka U.F.S.), The International Order of Asia in the 1930s: a Japanese Perspective
                      Chair: Steven Smith;  Respondent: Tom Tomlinson

            20th Century Politics
 03.30       11. Minoru Takada (Kyushu I.U.), Friendly Societies and the Making of the Welfare State
                      Chair: Steven Smith;  Respondent: Pat Thane
 05.00       Tea
 05.30       12. Takao Matsumura (Keio), The Nuffield Social Reconstruction Survey, 1941-45
                      Chair: Toshio Kusamitsu;  Respondents: Pat Thane & Jose Harris
 07.00       Closing Remarks       Professor Kazuhiko Kondo / Professor David Cannadine

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