Books in Japanese
of Kazuhiko KONDO

(ed.) Lectures in World History, XVI: Europe from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century
    (Iwanami Publishers: Tokyo, 1999) xvi+266 pp.

(ed.) A History of the Western World
     (Yamakawa Publishers: Tokyo, 1999) x+413+25 pp.

Civilized Britain as representeed in Modernizing Japan
     (Yamakawa Publishers: Tokyo, 1998) iv+240+35 pp.

Culture and Society in Early Modern England
    (Yamakawa Publishers: Tokyo, 1993) iv+297+23 pp.

T. Chizuka & K. Kondo (eds), The Modern in Question: Europe Re-considered
            (Yamakawa Publishers: Tokyo, 1993) 221 pp.

K. Kondo & N. Fukui (eds), The Weight of History: Political Culture of Europe
            (JES Publishers: Tokyo, 1991) 295 pp.

T. Kusamitsu, K. Kondo, O. Saito & T. Matsumura (eds), Britain as We See It: History and Society             (Libroport, Tokyo, 1991) 306 pp.

(translation of) Eric Hobsbawm, E.P.Thompson, N.Z.Davis, Carlo Ginzburg et al., Visions of History: MARHO Interviews with Historians
     (Nagoya U.P., 1990) vii+359+x  pp.