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The Department of Occidental History at the University of Tokyo has a long tradition stretching back to its foundation in 1887. The Department is acknowledged as one of the largest and best Japanese institutions of this area, with 60 undergraduate students, 55 graduate students, and 7 full-time academic staff. Its expertise spans from the classical Greece, through the medieval and early modern periods to the modern Russia. Our undergraduate students go into a wide range of professions from broadcasting, publishing, teaching and accountancy, as well as to further study.

Faculty Members

  • HASHIBA, Yuzuru (Professor, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Tokyo)
  • Research Field: Constitution of Classical Athens, Public Sphere and Democratic Codes in the Ancient Greek Poleis.
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  • NAGAI, Nobuhito (Professor, BA Osaka, MA Osaka, PhD. Paris-I)
  • Research Field: Politics and society in Paris (19-20th centuries); Catholicism in Modern France; Historical Consciousness and Political Culture in France
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  • KATSUTA, Shunsuke (Professor, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Tokyo)
  • Research Field: Modern British and Irish History
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  • IKEDA, Yoshiro (Professor, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Tokyo)
  • Research Field: Modern and Contemporary History of Russia
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  • KIKUCHI, Shigeto (Associate Professor, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Munich)
  • Research Field: Study of Political Culture, Governmental Structures, Monasticism, Mobility, Perceptions of others etc. in Early Medieval Western Europe (especially in the Frankish Kingdom under Carolingians); Study of Early Medieval Papacy; Study of Mediterranean World in the Early Medieval Ages; Study of Historical Sources (Diplomatics, Manuscript Studies)
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  • ASHIBE Akira (Lecturer, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Tokyo)
  • Research Field: Modern and Contemporary History of Germany
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  • TASE Nozomu (Assistant Professor, BA Tokyo, MA Tokyo, PhD Côte d'Azure)
  • Research Field: History of Early Modern France; French Freemasonry in the Eighteenth Century.
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    Department of Occidental History, Graduate School of Humanities & Sociology, University of Tokyo,
    Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (zip) 113-0033 , Japan.

    mail to: l_och at l.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Kindly use @ for at, and l for Letters)
    fax to: +81 3 5841 2689
    Phone to: +81 3 5841 3789


  • Hongo-sanchome Station. (Subway Marunouchi Line) 8 min. walk

  • Hongo-sanchome Station. (Subway Oedo Line) 6 min. walk

  • Yushima Station. or Nezu Station. (Subway Chiyoda Line) 8 min. walk

  • Todaimae Station. (Subway Namboku Line) 1 min. walk

  • Kasuga Station. (Subway Mita Line) 10 min. walk

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