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Virtuous Healing
Medicine and Morality in Women’s Educational Literature in Early Modern Japan


【会場】 東京大学本郷キャンパス 文学部法文1号館212教室

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【主催】東京大学大学院人文社会系研究科 死生学・応用倫理センター
【共催】東京大学 国際人文学プロジェクト


講師紹介 Speaker : Professor W. Evan Young (Dickinson College, U.S.A.)

W. Evan Young is a historian of Japan who specializes in medicine, science, and gender. As an assistant professor at Dickinson College (USA), he teaches courses on the history of East Asia, the history of illness and therapy, and the history of gender and sexuality. His first book project, “Family at the Bedside: Illness, Healing, and Knowledge in Early Modern Japan,” explores how families dealt with ailments in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. His other major research projects trace the history of medical knowledge in vernacular print, including early modern women's didactic literature and popular women’s magazines from the early seventeenth century through the mid-twentieth century.