Between East and West: Reproductions in Art
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The executive committee for the 2019 CIHA Colloquium in Tokyo is composed by following twenty-one members: seventeen members of the Japanese Committee for CIHA (*), the Vice Executive President of Tokyo National Museum, the Executive Director of the Otsuka Museum of Art, a committee member of the Science Council of Japan, and a special guest member.


Hiroyuki SUZUKI, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Gakugei University, former Chairman of JAHS*

General Secretary

Akira AKIYAMA, Professor at the University of Tokyo*


Kyoko HAGA, Associate Professor at Tohoku University*
Mitsuru HAGA, Professor at Tohoku University, Committee member of SCJ
Kayo HIRAKAWA, Associate Professor at Kyoto University*
Seinosuke IDE, Professor at Kyushu University*
Hiroko IKEGAMI, Associate Professor at Kobe University*
Yoichi INOUE, Vice Executive Director of Tokyo National Museum
Masaaki ITAKURA, Professor at the University of Tokyo*
Motokazu KIMATA, Professor at Nagoya University*
Michiaki KOSHIKAWA, Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts*
Tsukasa KODERA, Professor at Osaka University*
Atsushi MIURA, Professor at the University of Tokyo*
Ryusaku NAGAOKA, Professor at Tohoku University*
Toshiharu OMUKA, Professor Emeritus of University of Tsukuba*
Shigetoshi OSANO, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo*
Akira TAKAGISHI, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo*
Shusaku TANAKA, Executive Director of the Otsuka Museum of Art
Koichi TOYAMA, Professor at Keio University, Chairman of JAHA*
Masahiro USHIROSHOJI, Professor at Kyushu University*

Special Guest Member

Yukio LIPPIT, Professor at Harvard University