The Fourth Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians 2003

State and Empire in British History


9th to 12th September 2003

Kyoto International Community House

revised 1 July 2003



You are cordially invited to the fourth Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians (AJC). It will be held at the International Community House, Keage, in the beautiful, historic surroundings of eastern Kyoto.


Preparations for the conference have been under way for some time by the Japanese organizing committee with the cooperation of British friends. The first AJC was organized by Professor O'Brien and held at the Institute of Historical Research, London, in September 1994. The general theme was Japanese Perceptions of British History 1066 to Date. More than ninety historians from Britain, Japan and other countries participated, it proved to be a great success, and since then the AJC became an important triennial occasion held in exchange between the two countries. It is now decided that the fourth AJC will follow the tradition of having several plenary sessions ranging from medieval period to the twentieth century with the general theme: State and Empire in British History.


The conference will formally convene on Wednesday morning, 10 September, to hear papers presented by distinguished British historians. Each paper will be matched with a few shorter papers/comments by Japanese colleagues, before discussion is opened to the floor. Each session will normally last three hours with the good steering of a chairperson who is a member of the organizing committee (Session 6: Imperial History will naturally lord it over and command four hours with two chairpersons!). We will have six plenary sessions during the three days as well as a special lecture by Professor Corfield. On Saturday, 13 September the conference will divide into several seminars/workshops, the details of which will be announced by organizers.


The conference has been generously funded by the The Japan Foundation, The Ministry of Education and Science via Osaka University of Foreign Studies, and eInterface Humanitiesf: The 21st Century COE Programme of Osaka University.



Inquiries may be directed to any of the following committee members:

Shigeru AKITA (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)

Yasushi AOKI (Rikkyo University)

Keizo ASAJI (Kansai University)

Harumi GOTO-SHIBATA (Chiba University)

Minoru KAWAKITA (Osaka University)

Yoichi KIBATA (University of Tokyo)

Kazuhiko KONDO, chairman (University of Tokyo)

Toshio KUSAMITSU (University of Tokyo)

Takao MATSUMURA (Keio University)