AJC 2009: 6th Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians

16 - 19 September 2009

at Sanjo Kaikan Hall, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo

British history 1600-2000: expansion in perspective

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The programme revised on 7 September 2009



Welcoming reception for guests at 18:00, Tuesday evening


Wednesday, 16 September

  9:30   Registration and coffee at Sanjo Kaikan Conference Hall

@10:00  Opening ceremony

@10:30--12:30  Miles Taylor (IHR)

eThe dominion of history: the export of historical research to the British empiref

      (with Kazuhiko Kondo as respondent)




@14:00--16:30  Julian Hoppit (UCL)

             eCompulsion, compensation and the sanctity of property in Britain 1600-1800f

             (with Yasushi Aoki & Shunsuke Katsuta as respondents)


    Drink (everyone welcome)


Thursday, 17 September

             dedicated to 'British history and world/global history'.

  9:30--13:00  Derek Massarella (Chuo)

             eThe East India Company, religion and the remote and dark corners of the earthf

             & Huw Bowen (Swansea)

             eAsia and British economic development 1750-1820f

             (with Kayoko Fujita, Naoki Kimura & Yuko Matsumoto as respondents)




  14:30--16:30  John Darwin (Oxford)

             eGlobal history and empire historyf

             (with Masashi Haneda & Ichiro Maekawa as respondents)


    Drink (everyone welcome) 


Friday, 18 September

  9:30--13:00  Maxine Berg (Warwick)

                 eWealth and knowledge: global history and guseful knowledgehf

             & Rosemary Sweet (Leicester)

             eBritish perceptions of Italian cities in the long eighteenth centuryf

             (with Toshio Kusamitsu, Osamu Saito & Yoshitaka Suzuki as respondents)




  14:30--16:30  Alastair Reid (Cambridge)

             eComponents of the British counterculturef

             (with Hideo Ichihashi as respondent)


    Drink (everyone welcome) 


Saturday, 19 September

             dedicated to Junior Sessions at Rooms 201+202, Sanjo Kaikan

@  Papers of M.Ishizu, T.Nakamura, H.Osawa, A.Shimbo, M.Sugahara & S.Tsujimoto


     Evening party



Pene Corfield (RHUL), Martin Daunton (Cambridge), Joanna Innes (Oxford),

& Pat Thane (IHR) will also participate in the plenary sessions and intervene!

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Organized by the AJC Committee:
Kazuhiko KONDO, chairman (University of Tokyo)
Shigeru AKITA (Osaka University)
Yasushi AOKI (Rikkyo University)
Keizo ASAJI (Kansai University)
Harumi GOTO-SHIBATA (University of Tokyo)
Yoichi KIBATA (Seijo University)
Toshio KUSAMITSU (Open University Japan)
Kazuyoshi OISHI (Nagoya University)
Kentaro SAITO (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Chikashi SAKASHITA (Tokyo Woman's University)