The 10th East Asian Conference on Slavic Eurasian Studies


Visa Support

According to the agreements with the Organizing Committee of the 10th East Asian Conference on Slavic Eurasian Studies, JIC Travel Center provides travel services such as visa support for participants from Russia and former Soviet Union countries, hotel reservation, and post-conference tour.


Following information is necessary for the visa support: personal data (name, date of birth etc.), arrival and departure dates, flight number, hotel, itinerary for the whole period of stay (visa in Japan is not an open type, visa expiration date will be granted according to the itinerary in Japan).
For those who need a visa, please pick the date of arrival in Japan and the date of departure and book a hotel.


If you would like to get a visa support from JIC, please fill out the application form on the separate sheet and send it to us by e-mail.

Application form (click here to download the Application form in Excel format)

E-mail address to send the application

* Please insert EACSES in the subject line of the e-mail


Japan visa is valid for 3 months from the date it was granted. Therefore, everyone participating in the conference will need to apply for a visa at the Japanese consular office on or after April 1st (three months before the conference)


Visa application procedure

1. After receiving application from everyone and confirming necessary items, we will issue an official letter of guarantee and an invitation. We can also provide hotel reservation, city tours and other additional services according to JIC price list.

2. After confirming payment from everyone, we will send out necessary documents (normally sent by DHL or EMS).

3. Everyone who receives the documents will apply for a visa at the Japanese consular office with a passport, photograph, labor certificate etc., along with the visa application form. Usually, you can receive your visa on the 4th working day after application day.


The visa support fee is 5000 yen per person plus the shipping fee of the original letter of invitation (6800 yen when sent to Russia by DHL). However, we have offices in Moscow and S. Petersburg and can send the original letter of invitation to our office, so that those who can come to pick up the invitation letter at our Moscow or S. Petersburg office will not have to pay DHL fee.

Visa support fee can be paid by bank remittance or credit card.

(As of January 10, 2018, the dollar / yen exchange rate is 108 yen = 1 dollar)


Payment for a registration, visa support and a hotel can be made by bank remittance or credit card settlement. Please send your inquiries regarding the payment method




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