About Our Project (Abstract)


Our concern is to examine cultural policies, especially arts policies, in Japan until today, then to explore a possibility of developing cultural policy studies in future, both in the humanities and in social science.


For this purpose, we take these 4 kinds of approach;
1. Historical approach
History of cultural policy in Japan and Europe (advanced in cultural policy studies) is very important.
2. Attention to arts institutes -more concrete approach
We look more concretely into society culture institutions like museums, theatres, and other new kinds of institution. In this approach, not only systems but also activities like exhibitions and performances should be important to consider the purpose as cultural policy.
We also compare these modern European institutes with those in Asia and Africa, where Western system has been received.
3. Inspection and introduction of cultural policy theories in Europe
Here the point of observe is cultural policy in Germany, which has been less noticed in Japan than England and French policies. However, it is also effective for the Japanese situation to study Germany, where cultural policy theories have been constructed from the spot of regional governments.
4. Research for inspection of Japanese cultural policy in the present day (after World War U)
Japan is under the administration restructure today. In this situation, the research about changes in the way to manage public cultural institutes is needed.

So far, arts policies have been adopted from the view of national or regional governments. It is the way of political and social science, only one-sided approach. Cultural policies and cultural institutes in 21st century have to seek alternative philosophy and management. Our research can make new contribution to cultural policies, giving various points of view from the humanities.

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