Cultural Management, Project Associate Professor
Research Interest
  • Japanese performing arts and their production and performance practice.
  • Japanese cultural policy related to performing arts.
  • Theatre in the visual culture of Japan and intermediate links between Japanese art and theater.

Performing arts are manifestations of historical, economic and cultural developments in a society. My interest focusses on theatre during periods of radical changes in society and their impact on performing arts for example the Meiji period. Nation building, (invented) traditions and the impacts of modernity in relation to performing arts as well as the development of the Japanese theatre production system from premodern to modern times are topics, I consider crucial in order to understand the highly commercialized Japanese performing arts scene of today. Exploring theatre related cultural policy provide another key to the understanding of the theatre in Japanese society. Research on the intertwinement of the visual arts and the stage provide a means to understand the development of e.g. stage scenery and thus also production practices.

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