SHIMIZU, Tetsuro

Born in 1947.
Studied natural sciences (especially Astronomy) at Tokyo University.
[Apr.1969: B.A.(natural science)]
Studied philosophy at Tokyo Metropolitan University.
[Mar.1972: B.A.(humanity)]
Studied philosophy at Graduate School, Tokyo Metropolitan University.
[Mar.1974: M.Litt.]
Instructor, Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Lecturer of Western Philosophy, Hokkaido University.
Associate Professor of Western Philosophy, Hokkaido University.
D.Litt(PhD). from Tokyo Metropolitan University
Visiting Associate of Clare Hall, Cambridge, U.K. (Life Member of the college from 91 on.)
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Tohoku University.
1996/Apr.- 2007/Mar.
Professor of Philosophy, Tohoku University.
Professor, Uehiro Chair for Death and Life Studies, The Center for Evolving Humanities,
Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo.
Publications In English:
In Japanese:

1. books

  • Logico-linguistic Philosophy of Ockham, Keiso-Shobo, Tokyo, 1990.
  • Can Gohum Doubt Everything? Usage of Doubts, Fukuinkan, Tokyo, First Published in 1993 as a volume of ``A Lot of Wonder'' (monthly magazine for children), Published again in 1998 as a book.
  • Philosophy Facing Medical Activities, Keiso-Shobo, Tokyo, 1997.
  • Philosophy Facing Medical Activities II: We Human Beings Sharing Language, Keiso-Shobo, Tokyo, 2000.
  • Logico-linguistic Philosophy of St.Paul, Iwanami-Shoten, Tokyo, 2001.

  • Shimizu T et al., The World of Zero-bit , Iwanami-Shoten, Tokyo, 1991.(author: Sign and its transcendence, 1-71.)
  • Shimizu T, ed., Logos: its death and revival, Iwanami-Shoten, Tokyo. (author: Itinerancy of Logos, 1-71.)
  • Shimizu T and Isaka S, Ethics of Biological and Biographical Life, Hoso-daigaku-shinkokai, 2005.

2. papers

    Sorry! The list is now in preparation, which contains more than 120 papers on:
  • medieval philosophy,
  • origin of christian thought,
  • philosophy of language (based on the theory of language games), and
  • medical philosophy / clinical ethics,
    some of which will be presented with English abstracts.
    If you can read Japanese, please go to The whole list of publications (in Japanese)!

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