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Indigenous Minority Languages of Russia

Vepsian: Bibliographical guide

About the Vepsian language

Uralic, Finno-Ugric branch, Baltic-Finnic group.

Where the speakers live

The Vepsians live in an area comprised of some adjoining parts of the Karelian Republic, Vologda Region, and Leningrad Region.

Their northernmost settlements are situated in the Prionezhky District of the Karelian Republic, and in the south in the western littoral area of Lake Onega.

The Vepsians living there are called the Onega Vepsians.

Yet the bulk of the Vepsian native area begins somewhat far from there, over the Svir River. Numerous Vepsian villages can now be found in the upper reaches of the Oyat River in the Podpozhye District of the Leningrad Region. The Vepsians living there are referred to as the Oyat Vepsians.

A few Vepsian settlements can be found in the adjoining areas of the Lodeynoye Polye District and the Tikhvin District of the Leningrad Region. Two small groups of Vepsian villages can still be found to the east of them in the Vologda Region. The Vepsians living there are referred to as Pyazhozero Lake Vepsians and the Vepsians of Pondala and Kuya.

Remote from the rest of the Vepsians are the so-called Southern Vepsians who populate an area in the Boxitogorsk District of the Leningrad Region, between the upper reaches of the Lid and those of the Kolp.





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