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Indigenous Minority Languages of Russia

Selkup: Bibliographical guide

About the Selkup language

Uralic family, Samoyedic branch (Southern group).

Where the speakers live

Northern Selkups

Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area: the Middle and Upper Tas and its tributaries.

Krasnoselkup district. Settlements: Krasnoselkup, Tolka, Ratta, Sidorovsk, Kikki-Akki (the two latter settlements became almost uninhabited).

Pur district. Settlements: Kharampur, Khalasavey, Tarko-Sale, (Purovskaya) Tolka.

About 50 Selkups live in Salekhard, the administrative centre of the area.

Krasnoyarsk territory: the Middle Yenisei, mostly its left tributary Turukhan with its tributaries Verkhniaia and Nizhniaia Baikha.

Turukhansk district. Settlements: Farkovo on Turukhan where Selkups represent the majority of the population and some settlements on the bank of Yenisey where Selkups are few living side by side with Kets, Russians and representatives of other ethnic groups. Some Selkups also live in Kellog on Yelogui, the left tributary of Yenisey in the South of the district.

Southern Selkups

Tomsk region: the Middle Ob and its tributaries Ket', Tym, Parabel, Vasjugan.

Southern Selkups live in four districts of the region: the Kargasok district, the Parabel district, the Kolpashevo district and the Upper Ket district. They are dispersed over more than 50 settlements and villages in most of which they constitute from less than 0,1 % to 5 % of the population. Only in one small village Ust' Ozernoje (the Ket district) with the population of 62 persons Selkups build the majority — 68 %, in two other small villages Ivankino (52 inhabitants) and Novosondrovo (12 inhabitants) (Kolpashevo district) they constitute more than one third of the population. A rather large group of Selkups (92 persons) live in the settlement of Napas (Kargasok district) where they constitute 22 % of the population. 30 % of the Southern Selkups live in the towns Kolpashevo, Kedrovsk and in the regional administrative centre Tomsk.


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Dialects of the Southern Selkups


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