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Indigenous Minority Languages of Russia

Kerek: Bibliographical guide

About the Kerek language

Kerek belongs to the Chukchi-Koryak group of the Chukchi-Kamchatkan language family. It is an agglutinating language with suffixation and prefixation prevalent as morphological means.

Where the speakers live

Kereks live on Chukotka Peninsula, along the coast of the Bering Sea. The historical territory of their living spreads from the Anadyr estuary to the mouth of the river of Opuka. According to the archeological studies, formerly the area of Kereks location spread to the South, till the Olutorskij Cape (Kamchatka Peninsula). Nowadays the territory where Kerek is spoken diminished to two villages located along the river of Mojno-Pilgino (Majnykilgino and Khatyrka), where several Kerek families live together with Chukchis.


There are no teaching materials related to Kerek, neither in Kerek, nor in Russian.



Comment(s): The book by Asinovsky A. S. and Volodin A. P. consists of a grammatical sketch of Kerek and nine Kerek texts. The monograph by Leontyev V. V. includes, besides grammatical studies, some folklore texts in Kerek as well.


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