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Indigenous Minority Languages of Russia

Evenki: Bibliographical guide

About the Evenki language

The Evenki language belongs to the Northern (Siberian) branch of theTungusic family (also known as Manchu-Tungus or Tungus-Manchu).

Where the speakers live

As for geographical borders of the Evenki language, they run in the west between the basins of the two great rivers the Ob' and the Yenisei, while in the east they extend to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, including the island of Sakhalin. In the northwest the borderline traverses the basins of numerous rivers flowing either into the Lower (Nizhnyaya) Tunguska or directly into the Arctic Ocean, while in the northwest it includes the basins of the rivers Vilyui and Amga, as well as the Aldan with its tributary the Maya. In the south the Evenki territory extends to the watershed between the Angara and the Stony (Podkamennaya) Tunguska, comprising also much of the Baikal Region, notably the upper reaches of the Bargusin, as well as the rivers Vitim, Olyokma, and the northern sources of the Amur.

Northern dialects speakers: a) the Taimyr autonomous area. Here the majority of the Evenki speakers live in a multiethnic village Khantajskoje ozero (223 persons). They live together with Dolgans and Russians and build 42% of the population; b) the Turukhansk district of the Krasnoyarsk territory. Sovetskaja Rechka is an Evenki village, where Evenkis build the majority of the population (108 persons or 64%). Here they live side by side with Selkups and Russians; c) the northern territory of the Evenki autonomous area (the Ilimpeja district: settlements: Ekonda, Chirinda Kislokan); d) the northern territory of the Irkutsk district.

Eastern dialects speakers live in: a) the Republic of Buryatia (the North-Baikal, Baunt, Barguzin districts); b) the Chita region: the Kalar and Tungiro-Olekma districts; c) Amursk region: the Tynda, Zeja, Selemdja districts; d) the Sakhalin region: the Nogliki district; e) the Khabarovsk territory: the Tuguro-Chumikansk, Ajano-Majsk, Khabarovsk and Polina Osipenko districts; f) the Republic of Yakutia: Ust'-Mayskiy, Olenyok, Aldan and other districts (улусы).

Southern dialects speakers live in: a) the Chita region: the Tungukochon district; b) Irkutsk region: the Katanga and Kachuga districts; c) the Evenki autonomous area: the Baikit and Tunguso-Chunya districts.





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