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Indigenous Minority Languages of Russia

Archi: Bibliographical guide

About the Archi language

The filiation of Archi has long been under discussion. According to the traditional classification, Archi enters the Lezgic subgroup of the Nakh-Daghestanian group (the North-Caucasian languages), in spite of a rather isolated position of Archi within this group, and, vice versa, many distinctive features shared with the languages of other groups.

There is a legend about the origin of Archi: God created peoples and languages; but languages were much fewer than peoples. So God gave one language to several peoples, but all peoples refused to accept the most difficult language, which finally passed into the possession of the smallest people of the world, and that was the Archi people. So Archis believe to speak the most complicated language of the world.

Where the speakers live

Most of Archis reside in the Charodi district of Daghestan in the settlement of Archi, or Arsha, which is in fact a conglomerate of eight settlements: Archi, Alchunib, Kalib, Kachalib, Keser, Kubatl, Khilil and Khittab.


There are no teaching materials in Archi.


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