Dear IWL participants,

Warm greetings and welcome to the campus of the University of Tokyo!
Let me extend you our most cordial welcome on behalf of all the staff at the UT Office for the IWL 2018. It is our great pleasure and honor to host the summer session of the IWL in 2018 at the University of Tokyo.

I sincerely hope that the time you spend on our campus becomes a memorable experience that you can look back to throughout your life. Our office is committed to making your stay in Tokyo as pleasant and fruitful as possible, so please feel free to drop in at our office should you have any questions; our assistants will be there ready to help you at any time during the IWL session.

Please note that the Japanese academic calendar differs from that of many countries, so during the month of July the university will still be in the middle of the spring semester. Because of this, you will find that our campus will still be attended by many students and teachers, and all around you regular university classes and lectures will be taking place in parallel with the IWL session. This, however, will not be an obstacle for the IWL; it will rather provide you with a good chance to get acquainted to our academic environment, and I encourage you to make full use of this opportunity.

We believe that this year's summer session will be an important step in your academic career. At the same time, we also hope that you will enjoy your extracurricular time in Tokyo to your heart's content. We are honored that we will be part of the unique experience that you will have this summer.


July 2, 2018 Mitsuyoshi Numano 沼野充義
Chair of The UT Office for IWL 2018
Professor, Department of Contemporary Literary Studies 現代文芸論研究室
Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo 東京大学文学部