Research Interests

Humans learn many things when placed in a new environment, and adaptively change their behaviors. Our own brains and bodies sometimes change due to injury, deseases and aging. Such changes require us to learn and adapt to new conditions. Our laboratory develops technologies for supporting effective learning and adaptation. Our aim is to produce wisdom for improvement and maintenance of quality of life.


Jan 08 2019 Our paper "A prediction model of working memory across health and psychiatric disease using whole-brain functional connectivity" co-authored with Dr. Masahiro Yamashita (ATR), Dr. Ben Seymour (CiNet), Prof. Hidehiko Takahashi (Kyoto University), Dr. Mitsuo Kawato (ATR), and others has been published in eLife.
May 15 2018 Our paper "Temporal recalibration of motor and visual potentials in lag adaptation in voluntary movement" co-authored with Dr. Chang Cai (ATR), Prof. Kenji Ogawa (Hokkaido University), Dr. Takanori Kochiyama (ATR), and Prof. Hirokazu Tanaka (JAIST) has been published in NeuroImage.
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Apr 17 2018 Our paper "Voluntarily controlled but not merely observed visual feedback affects postural sway" co-authored with Dr. Shu Imamizumi (JSPS research fellowship for Young Scientists), Dr. Tomohisa Asai (ATR), Mr. Kentaro Hiromitsu (Chuo University) has been published in PeerJ.
Aug 07 2017 Our paper "Connectivity Neurofeedback Training Can Differentially Change Functional Connectivity and Cognitive Performance" co-authored with Mr. Ayumu Yamashita, Dr. Mitsuo Kawato (ATR) et al., has been published in Cerebral Cortex.
Mar 31 2017 Our paper "Control strategy of hand movement depends on target redundancy" co-authored with Dr. Syunta Togo (The University of Electro-Communications) and Mr. Toshinori Yoshioka (ATR) has been published in Scientific Reports.
Oct 06 2016 Our paper "Anticipatory synergy adjustments reflect individual performance of feedforward force control" co-authored with Dr. Syunta Togo (The University of Electro-Communications) has been published in Neurosciene Letters.
Jun 03 2016 Our paper "Single-trial prediction of reaction time variability from MEG brain activity" coauthored with Dr. Ryu Ohata (JSPS research fellowship for Young Scientists) and Prof. Kenji Ogawa (Hokkaido University) has been publised in Scientific Reports.
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Apr 14 2016 Our paper "A small number of abnormal brain connections predicts adult autism spectrum disorder" from Decoded Neurofeedback Project has been publised in Nature Communications.
Mar 12 2016 Our paper "Computational motor control as a window to understanding schizophrenia" coauthored with Prof. Jun Izawa (Tsukuba University) and Dr. Tomohisa Asai (NTT Lab.) has been publised in Neuroscience Research.
Dec 08 2015 Our paper "Neural Substrates Related to Motor Memory with Multiple Timescales in Sensorimotor Adaptation" co-authored with Prof. Nicolas Schweighofer (University of Southern California) and Prof. Kenji Ogawa (Hokkaido University) has been published in PLOS Biology.
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Oct 16 2015 Our paper "Normalized Index of Synergy for Evaluating the Coordination of Motor Commands" co-authored with Dr. Syunta Togo (JSPS research fellowship for Young Scientists at ATR) has been published in PLOS ONE.
Sep 01 2015 Our lab has started at the Department of Psychology, the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The Universiy of Tokyo.