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Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies
Vol. 4, 2016

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■ Presidential Address 1
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I-chun FAN
■ Introduction of The Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies, Asia or ANGIS (Asia) 2
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■ Articles
Migration and Its Impact in Riau Province, Indonesia: An Analysis of Population Census Data and Topographical Maps 3-10
PDF (3.85MB)
Developing Geoportals and Applications for Singapore Historical GIS 11-19
PDF ( 3.90MB)
Ick-Hoi KIM, Raymond Jinliang HUANG, Yi-Chen WANG, Chen-Chieh FENG, and David TAYLOR
Chin-shihs and Population: A Research of Scale and Spatial Distribution of Hui in Qing Dynasty with the Application of GIS 20-23
PDF (3.44MB)
Weidong LU
Possibility of Use of Surface Water Resource in an Arsenic Contaminated Region, Prubasthali I and II Block, Burdwan, West Bengal: A GIS Approach 24-29
Railway Freight Transport in Mainland Southeast Asia before World War II:
the Analysis of Four Inland Railway Systems
PDF (2.88MB)
Manila Suburbs and the Spatial Characteristics of Work in the Late Nineteenth Century Manila 44-61
PDF (4.69MB)
 Ma. Simeona M. MARTINEZ Marco Stefan B. LAGMAN , and Jonathan M. VILLASPER
Time Information System Web HuTime: Comparison with Existing Web Applications 62-69
PDF (2.64MB)
 Tatsuki SEKINO
■ Activities of ANGIS 70-76
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■ Guideline of JANGIS 77
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■ Editorial Note 78
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Ta-Chien CHAN

Volume 4 print version
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