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Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies
Vol. 3, 2015
(Online)ISSN 2434-7094
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■ Presidential Address 1
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I-chun FAN
■ Introduction of The Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies, Asia or ANGIS (Asia) 2
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■ Articles
Spatial Patterns of Migration in 19th Century Manila: An Exploratory Characterization of Migrants in the Pueblos of Dilao, Malate, and Pandacan from 1881-1895 3-11
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Marco Stefan B. LAGMAN, Jonathan M. VILLASPER, and Ma. Simeona M. MARTINEZ
Mapping the Transition of the Land Revenue System in Western India from the Pre-Colonial to the Early Colonial India: Evidence from to Indapur Pargana (1761-1836) 12-20
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Michihiro OGAWA
The Distribution of Tea Industry in Huizhou: Based on the Records of Investigations during the Republic of China
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The “Personality” of Economic Development in the Delta Region of Egypt in Modern Times: a Focus on Buheyra Governorate 31-37
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Hiroshi KATO, Erina IWASAKI
Assessing the Demographic and Spatial Characteristics of Migrant Workers in Selected Districts of Nineteenth Century Manila Using Archival Records and Geographic Information Systems 38-49
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Marco Stefan B. LAGMAN
■ Activities of ANGIS 50-54
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■ Guideline of JANGIS 55
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■ Editorial Note 56
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Hiroshi Kato

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