5th Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians

Migration and Identity in British History

27-29 September 2006

Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London


The fifth Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians (AJC) was held 27-29 September 2006 at the Institute of Historical Research in London. The director David Bates and the Japanese organizing committee have worked together for the last three years to make the gathering not only worthwhile but also memorable. The proceedings of the successful conference, Migration and Identity in British History, edited by D. Bates & K. Kondo, are now available.



The AJC 2006 Committee (valid till the end of 2006)

Shigeru AKITA (Osaka University)                       ShigeruAkita@aol.com        
Yasushi AOKI (Rikkyo University)                       yaoki@rikkyo.ne.jp             
Keizo ASAJI (Kansai University)                          asajik@ipcku.kansai-u.ac.jp 
Harumi GOTO-SHIBATA (Chiba University)        harumigs@faculty.chiba-u.jp
Minoru KAWAKITA (Kyoto Sangyo University)  
Yoichi KIBATA (University of Tokyo)                 kibata@waka.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp   
Kazuhiko KONDO, chairman (University of Tokyo)            kondo@l.u-tokyo.ac.jp   
Toshio KUSAMITSU (University of the Air)         toshio-k@u-air.ac.jp            
Takao MATSUMURA (Keio University)