3rd Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians


27~29 September 2000

Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, University of London

The third Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians (AJC) was held 27-29 September 2000 at IHR, London. It was organized by the Director of IHR, Professor David Cannadine with the cooperation of the Japanese committee: Prof. Yasushi AOKI, Rikkyo, Prof. Keizo ASAJI, Kansai, Prof. Minoru KAWAKITA, Osaka, Prof. Yoichi KIBATA, Tokyo, Prof. Kazuhiko KONDO, Tokyo, chairman Prof. Toshio KUSAMITSU, Tokyo, Prof. Takao MATSUMURA, Keio, and Prof. Toshio SAKATA, Keio. Twelve Japanese historians presented papers, each responded by British experts, all followed by enthusiastic discussion. Each session was attended by thirty to sixty histrians.

Our acknowledgements are due to: The Royal Historical Society, The Sasakawa Foundation of Breat Britain, The Japan Society, The Daiwa foundation, and The British National Committee.