2nd Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians


September 1997

Keio Univ., Tokyo

The second conference was held at Keio University, Tokyo, in September 1997. It was organized by a committee of nine Japanese historians with the active cooperation of Professor O'Brien. Eight distinguished British historians# presented papers, each was matched with a short paper and a comment by Japanese colleagues, before discussion was opened to the floor. On Saturday, the fourth day of the conference, we divided into five workshops on specific themes. Not only British and Japanese but also Korean, Chinese, American, Australian and Irish historians participated in the fruitful discussions. The conference ended in a great success as the first did.
(# Dr Reynolds, Dr Keene, Prof. Smout, Prof. Corfield, Prof. Daunton, Prof. Thane, Prof. MacKenzie, Dr Darwin.)

For the summary news of the second Conference 1997 written by K. Kondo, Shigaku Zasshi, vol.108, no.2: pp. 60-68. (Japanese)

Snapshots at the AJC at Keio University, September 1997

Sakamaki, Keene, Ugawa, Sakata. ©Prof. Ugawa

Corfield, Kondo, Sekiguchi, Nakano, Michishige. ©Prof. Ugawa