Research Plan


 In 2009-2010 we hold our first research meeting to confirm the role of each member of our research team, decide on overseas research plans for the year, and set a date for the second research meeting. At the second meeting, each member will report on the results of overseas research, then all the members will discuss how to develop a common theoretical framework for a comparative study, and also begin preparations for an international workshop to be held the next academic year.


 In the 2010-2011 academic year we will continue our work from the previous year, making use of the documents collected abroad. The results will be presented as ad interim report by each member at two research meetings. We will also invite about three researchers from Europe and the Middle East to hold our first international workshop. Information concerning this workshop will be published on our website to enlarge our communication network.


 In the 2011-2012 academic year, continuing our research from the first two years, and holding always two research meetings a year, research members will present their individual findings in the form of published papers. We will hold a second international workshop, to enlarge further our international collaboration network, in order to prepare the international symposium to be held in the next year.


The main goal of our final year is to succeed in organizing an international symposium, for which we intend to invite also specialists in Japanese and Chinese history and to cooperate with existing Japanese academic societies, so that the symposium may present a large-scale perspective of Eurasian dimension. We will also establish our contact with a publisher for printing the results of the symposium, to let the public know the fruit of our activity. In the final meeting to be held at the end of the academic year, we will review the results of four years of research and discuss the possibility for future research projects.