3rd Research Meeting (July 2010)

The Third Research Meeting (11 July 2010)
The third research meeting of the project was held at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo, on 11 July. Twelve members of the project group attended the meeting.

First, Katsumi Fukasawa, the leader of the project, talked about the budget for the year 2010 and its allotment to the members. After confirming the names of the group members for 2010, he discussed plans for the international workshop scheduled  on 23 November. The location, invitees to the workshop, and the time schedule were settled. It was also decided that a commentator would be assigned to each of the presenters, and the commentators were chosen from the group.

Second, the members prepared interim reports on their individual projects. Hiromi Saito will conduct a research at the Archival Library in Venice. Hidemitsu Kuroki discussed his interest in the role of the Greek Catholics in Lebanon and Syria connected to printing and publishing from the 17th to the 19th century. Sugiko Nishikawa showed examples of public worship in the English settlements overseas relating to the practices of occasional conformity after the Glorious Revolution. Yutaka Horii talked about the relationship between the ulama, sufi, and dhimmi on the basis of his case study of the Azbakiya district of Cairo. Toshiyuki Chiba is inquiring into various elements of the Council of Ferrara and Florence (1431-1449), such as debates on purgatory, cultural and ideological background of the cities where the council was held, as well as networks of Neo-Platonist circles. Makoto Kato discussed the coexistence of the Jews in Aquitaine from the latter half of the 13th century to the beginning of the 14th century, the social impact of the Fall of Acre in Europe, and revaluation of the Inquisition records. Yutaka Miyano talked about the conflict within the Russian Orthodox Church during the first half of the 16th century. Asuka Tsuji is working on the vita of Coptic saints, and presented her findings regarding Muslim-Christian relationships in medieval Egypt. Shiro Miyatake made a report on his research concerning the internal conflict between the Jews in the Ottoman Empire during 19th century and early 20th century, which was strongly connected to the international relations during the era. Taihei Yamamoto discussed his study of a sect, Family of Love in the Netherlands, focusing on personal relationships and connections of the leader, Hendrik Niclaes. Masanori Sakano will reconsider the historical significance of the era of the Peace of Clement IX (1668-1678) with regard to the diplomatic cooperation of the Jansenists. Each interim report was accompanied by a lively discussion, through which sharing of interests and mutual understanding were reinforced. The members of the project agreed to hold another research meeting at the end of the year.