Location of Stacks

Japanese Books: Building 3 Library Room (Please go directly to Building 3 if you wish to make enquiries.)

  • Japanese books have a call number beginning with the Roman numeral IV (e.g. 社会IV: 11028).
  • Other materials and dictionaries are located in the Department Office.

European language books: The Department Office

  • The hours for returning and borrowing books are from10:00 to 15:45 (Closed on some days during summer and winter vacations).

Guide to Checking out Books

Maximum checkout items: 5 books
Checkout period: Up to one month

Use of the Sociology Department Office Library is also open to non-members.

  • Students of the Faculty of Letters who are not students of the Department of Sociology (including Information Studies students):
    Please show your Student ID Card.
  • Students of the University of Tokyo who are not students of the Faculty of Letters (excluding Information Studies students):
    Please show your Student ID Card.
  • For persons who are not studying at the University of Tokyo: Students are required to show a letter of introduction from their university.

If you have completed a search for a call number by OPAC or NACSIS, please inform the secretary of the number.
The call number for the Department Office is included in registered books.
(E.g. 社会I: 8175 (< This number is the call number for the Department Office)

Books whose call number is not included in OPAC or NACSIS can be searched for in the index card box in the Department Office. Card box searches can be made either by author or by title. Please notify the secretary of the call number indicated at the top left of the index card.

If the book you are searching for is currently checked out:
Please fill out a “form for book reservation.” If overdue, the library will contact the person currently using the book and have the book returned as soon as possible.
The library will contact you as soon as the book is returned.

Missing books
A number of older books are missing and therefore unavailable.

Checking out of magazines and journals

No magazines or journals can be checked out. Temporary removal is permitted. Please photocopy materials in the basement photocopy center.

Procedure for temporary removal

Temporary removal is possible by filling out a “form for temporary removal” In the case of copying only, visitors to the University may use this service without the requirement of a letter of introduction. Please bring a personal ID with you.

Checking out of dissertations

Graduation theses and Master’s theses

Reference only. Please bring a personal ID with you. Photocopying is only permitted with the consent of the author.


Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday (Closed on some days during summer and winter vacations)
10:00 to 15:45

We will locate a book for 1 week if you contact us with the call number in advance.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to help you.