Opening Symposium: Religions and Dialogue among Civilizations
[24 March, Thu., 13:30-17:30]


SHIMAZONO Susumu is Professor in the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Tokyo. He has published widely on modern and contemporary religious movements - including his well-known work on Aum Shinrikyo - as well as on modern Japanese religions in general. He has published eight books in Japanese, one in Korean, and one in English entitled From Salvation to Spirituality: Popular Religious Movements in Modern Japan (Trans Pacific Press, 2004). Together with Mark Mullins and Paul Swanson he edited Religion and Society in Modern Japan (Asian Humanities Press, 1993). Recently, he started working in the area of religion and medicine, including bioethics, and in the new interdisciplinary field of life and death studies.

Prof. Susumu Shimazono, President of the JARS Congress Secretariat of the 19th World Congress of IAHR
Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-0033
TEL: (81)3-5841-3765@ FAX: (81)3-5841-3888
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