Stephen Clark

My original topic of research was on William Blake and Romantic poetry, which has gradually expanded to include English literature from the 16th century and Shakespeare through to contemporary novels, poetry and film. Other more recent interests include post-colonialism, gender studies, new historicism, narratology, and Anglo-American and European critical theory, and also more specifically on the reception history of Blake and other Western authors in Japan. In my classes this year, I will use texts from a wide variety of genres and periods to discuss narrative technique and postcolonial traditions in poetry. The teaching will be conducted in English, combining lecturing with exercises in close reading, presentations by students and some general class discussion. I hope this will help enable students to both consolidate and extend their existing linguistic and analytic skills, and provide helpful preparation if they intend to study abroad in future.

研究室 3504(3号館5階)


Steve Clark took a BA in English Literature and Ph.D at Cambridge University (1976-79; 1981-85). He was also a British Academy Post-Doc and fellow of the School of Advanced Studies of the University of London (1988-91; 1996-98). Research interests include William Blake and Romanticism; Critical Theory; Gender and Poetry: Post-Colonial Studies; Travel-Writing; Literature and Medicine; Digital Humanities; Science Fiction; Popular Culture and Music.