The Dynamism of Muslim Societies
-Toward New Horizons Islamic Area Studies-

Oct. 5 (Fri)
Main Hall
Opening Address
Opening Lectures
Abdul-Karim RAFEQ
(College of William and Mary in Virginia, USA)
gThe Interpretation and Periodization of Modern Arab History: Personal Reflectionsh
SUGITA Hideaki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
gViewing the Middle East from Japan:
A Historical Perspectiveh (in Japanese)
Oct. 6 (Sat)
Room 202A
Room 202B
Oct. 6 (Sat)
Session 1: Islamism and Secularism in the Contemporary Muslim World
Session 3:
Ports, Merchants and Cross-Cultural Contacts
Chair: HANEDA Masashi
YANAGIHASHI Hiroyuki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
KUROKI Hidemitsu
(ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
gBetween Classical Law and Modern Legislation in the Arab Countriesh
gIntermediators of Languages, Goods and Powers: Dragomans in Ottoman Aleppoh
Nilima CHANDIRAMANI (University of Munbai, India)
Rudiger KLEIN (University of Tubingen, Germany)
gMuslim Family Law: Gender Biasesh
gBuilding for Business: Urban Fabric and Merchant Communities in Ottoman Bilad ash-Shamh
KOBAYASHI Yasuko (Nanzan University, Japan)
gUmmat, Ulama and Umara in Indonesiah
(Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan)
HORII Yutaka
(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan)
gMuslim Umma in Non-Islamic States: Point of View of 'ulama' of the Ferghana Valley till and after Independenceh
gVenetians in Alexandria in the First Half of the Sixteenth Centuryh
SAWAE Fumiko (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
FUKASAWA Katsumi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
gAgenda Setting and Discourse Making of the Welfare Party/Fazilet Party in the 1990sh
gUrban Topography and Merchant Circles of Marseilles in the Eighteenth Centuryh
Francois BURGAT
(French Center for Yemenite Studies, Yemen)
gIslamism and Islamists in the Early Twenty First Century: Facts and Ideologiesh
Session 2:
The Public and Private Spheres in Muslim Societies Today:Gender and the New Media
Session 3(Afternoon)
Chair: KUROKI Hidemitsu
OHTSUKA Kazuo (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
Edmund HERZIG (University of Manchester, UK)
gGender and Space in Arab Societies: The Changing Divideh
gThe Armenians of Isfahan: A Merchant Community Between East and Westh
Jenny B. WHITE (Boston University, USA)
HANEDA Masashi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
gThe New Islamic Women in Turkey: Dilemmas of Space, Place, and Classh
gEuropeans at Bandar Abbas and the eStatef of Persia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuriesh
TAKAKI Keiko (Obirin University, Japan)
Philippe HAUDRERE (University of Angers, France)
gWomen's Domestic Side Jobs and the New Mediah
gThe Merchants of Pondicherry in the Eighteenth Centuryh
YAMAGISHI Tomoko (Meiji University, Japan)
gIranian Labourers in Japan: Friendly Relations and Alienationh
Jon W. ANDERSON (Catholic University of America, USA)
Barbara ANDAYA (University of Hawai'i, USA)
gMuslim Networks, Muslim Selves in Cyberspace: Islam in the Post-modern Public Sphereh
gCreating an Islamic Port City in a Multi-cultural Environment: Melaka in the Fifteenth Centuryh
Dale F. EICKELMAN (Dartmouth College, USA)
(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan)
gGender and Religion in the Public and Private Spheresh
gUnveiling an Alliance: Dutch Private Trade and People in Nagasaki in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuriesh
Oct. 7 (San)
Room 202A
Room 202B
Oct. 7 (San)
Session 4: Sufis and Saints Among the People in Muslim Societies
Session 5: Social Protests and Nation-Building in Muslim Societies
Chair: OKA Natsuko
TONAGA Yasushi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Stephane DUDOIGNON (CNRS, France)
gSufi Saints and Non-Sufi Saints in Early Islamic Historyh
gBack From Microstoria to Global History?I. The "Bukhari" and "Kulabi?" Factions (Ta'ifas) in Bukhara during the Colonial, Revolutionary, and Early Soviet Periodsh
Vincent CORNELL (University of Arkansas, USA)
OBIYA Chika (Japan Center for Area Studies, Japan)
gPeople's Saints or Saints of the People? Urban and Rural Models of 'Popular Sainthood' in the Western Maghribh
gThe Basmachi Movement as a Mirror of Central Asian Society in the Revolutionary Periodh
Boaz SHOSHAN (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
KURITA Yoshiko (Chiba University, Japan)
gPopular Sufi Sermons in Late Mamluk Egypth
gThe Dynamics of Nation-Building in the Sudan h
HORIKAWA Toru (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
YOSHIMURA Shintaro (Hiroshima University, Japan)
gTariqas and Their Political Roles in Central Asia in the Sixteenth Centuryh
gReza Shah's Changing Dictatorship and Protest Movements in Iran, 1926-41h
IMAMATSU Yasushi (Kobe University, Japan)
AOYAMA Hiroyuki (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan)
geSaintsf in Evliya Celebi's Seyahatnameh
gContradiction between Thoughts and Realities in Arab Nationalism: Wahib al-Ghanim's Contribution to Development of Arab Ba'th Movementh
Muhammad El MANSOUR
(University of Mohamed V, Morocco)
lunch breack
gReligous Groups and Political Power in Morocco in the Age of State Centralizationh
Nathalie CLAYER (CNRS, France)
Session 5 (Afternoon)
gSaints and Sufis in the Albanian Societyh
Chair: KATO Hiroshi
KISAICHI Masatoshi (Sophia University, Japan)
Isam Al-KHAFAJI (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
gSufi Orders and Islamic Resurgence in Contemporary Egypt: Analysis of the Daftar of the Burhami Tariqah
gRoots of Revolution: A Comparative Analysis of the Social Dynamics for Change in the Middle Easth
AKAHORI Masayuki (Sophia University, Japan)
SAKAI Keiko (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan)
gPartly Saints and Partly Bedouins: The Murabiteen People Among the Bedouins of the Western Desert of Egypth
gThe 1999 Intifada in Iraq: through analysing the discourses of Iraqi intellectualsh
Thierry ZARCONE (CNRS, France)
Juan R. COLE (University of Michigan, USA)
gBridging the Gap Between Pre-Soviet and Post-Soviet Sufism in the Ferghana Valley, Uzbekistan: The Naqshbandi Order Between Tradition and Innovationh
gNeo-Imperialism and the Muslim Crowd: Contemporary Pakistan as a Case Studyh
@ Saodat OLIMOVA
(Center of Information and Analysis eSharqf, Tajikistan)
@ gIslam and construction of a national state in Central Asia: Islamic movement in Tajikistanh
@ Victor A. SHNIRELMAN (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology)
gA Caucasian Knot: Origins Of The Peoples, And Politics in The Caucasush
UYAMA Tomohiko (Hokkaido University, Japan)
gWhy IsSocial Protest Weak in Central Asia?: Relations Between the State and the People in the Era of Nation-Building and Globalizationh
Oct. 8 (Mon)
Room 202A
Room 202B
Oct. 8 (Mon)
Session 6:
Contracts, Validity, Documentation:Historical Research of the Sharia Courts
Session 7: Islamic Area Studies with Geographic Information Systems
Donald P. LITTLE (McGill University, Canada)
OKABE Atsuyuki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
gA Fourteenth-Century Jerusalem Court Record of a Divorce Hearing: A Case Studyh
gIntroducing GIS in Islamic Area Studiesh
(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan)
SADAHIRO Yukio (University of Tokyo, Japan),
gMarriage Contracts and Documentation in Ottoman Syriah
gConstruction of Spatial Database from Old Maps and Documentsh
Brigitte MARINO
(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan)
MIZUSHIMA Tsukasa (University of Tokyo, Japan)
gPurchasing Properties in Eighteenth-Century Damascus: The Case of the eAzm Familyh
gIslamic Elements and South Indian Society: A View from Eighteenth-Century Chingleputh
(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Japan)
TSURUTA Yoshiko (Showa Women's University, Japan),
ARAI Yuji (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan), JINNAI Hidenobu (Hosei University, Japan),
SHISHIDO Katsumi (Hosei University, Japan),
SATO Atsuhiko (Hosei University, Japan)
gRumeli sadareti mahkemesi in the Ottoman Legal System: 1543-1590h
gThe Spatial Structure of Commercial Areas in Turkey and Other Islamic Countriesh
KONDO Nobuaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
ASAMI Yasushi (University of Tokyo, Japan),
Ayse Sema KUBAT (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey),
KITAGAWA Kensuke (University of Tokyo, Japan),
IIDA Shin'ichi (University College London, UK)
gThe Case of eDoubled Vaqff: A Study on Qajar Shari'a Courtsh
gExtension of Space Syntactic Idea to 3-Dimensional Surfaces and Its Application to the Historical Part of Istanbulh
KOMATSU Hisao (University of Tokyo, Japan),
GOTO Yutaka (Hirosaki University, Japan)
gChanges in the Ferghana Valley in the Twentieth Centuryh
Room 201
Concluding Discussion
Closing Ceremony