List of Speakers
Beyond the Border: A New Framework for Understanding the Dynamism of Muslim Societies
October 8,9,10, 1999
Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan

1999年10月8日10日、 国立京都 国際会議場

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Session 1: The Concept of Territory in Islamic Law and Thought

1 BOLRABOEV, Hamidullah  Tashkent State University, Tashkent Dynamism of the Notion of Dar-al-Islam in Central Asia
2 DUDOIGNON, Stephane The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
 /CNRS Strasbourg, Strasbourg
Beyond the Northern Border: An Appeal for a Blobal History of the Siberian Muslimhood
3 GHOMI, Haideh The University of Tokyo, Tokyo The Concept of Dar-al-Islam in Sufism: Special Reference Molana Jalal ed-Din Rumi
4 KERMELI-UNAL, Eugenia Bilkent University,  Custom Versus Theory: Ebu 's Suud's Effort to Consolidate Shariah with the Ottoman Kanun on Land and Its Impact on Crete
5 LECKER, Michael The Hebrew University of Jerusalem On the Burial of Martyrs
6 MANSURNOOR, Iik Arifin The University of Brunei The Impact of Territorial Expansion and Contraction in the Malay Islamic Traditional Polity on Contemporary Thought and Administration
7 NAKAMURA Takeo Ochanomizu University Territorial Disputes Between Syrian Cities and the Early Crusaders: The Struggle for Economic and Political Dominance
8 OHTA Keiko Hokkaido University Migration and Islamization in the Early Islamic Period: The Arab-Byzantine Border Area
9 OKUDA Atsushi Keio University Two Dementions of the Reception ofn the Western Modern Legal System in the Territory of  Islam: A Case Study of  Syria
10 REZRAZI, El-Mostafa Tohoku University The Iqlim and Political Identities as Established in Islamic Tradition
11 ROOKE, Tetz Uppsala Unversity Colonial Boarders Versus National Frontiers: History Writing in Syria After the First World War
12 WHEELER, Brannon The University of Washington The Islamic Utopia: From Dar al-Hijra to Dar al-Islam
13 YANAGIHASHI Hiroyuki The University of Tokyo Solidarity in an Islamic Society: 'Asaba, Family, and the Community
Session 2: The Influence of Human Mobility
14 ABUSEITOVA, Meruert The Institute of Oriental Studies The Spread of  Islam form Central Asia into Kazakhstan (16th-17th Centuries)
15 ASAMI Yasushi The University of Tokyo Characterization of the Street Networks in the Turkish-Islamic Urban Form
16 BOUDOUDOU, Mohammed Tohoku University "Great Transformation" of Maghreb Societies and the Constitution of International Maghreb Migratory Processes
17 EICKELMAN, Dale Dartmouth College Blurrted Boundaries: Travel, New Media, and the Emerging Public Sphere in Contemporary Muslim Societies
18 EL-AZHARI, Taef  Kamal Helwan University Human Mobility During the Crusades, As Seen in the Writing of Ibn al-Athir 555-630 A.H./1160-1233 A.D.
19 ISTEK, Ismail The University of Tokyo Characterization of the Street Networks in the Turkish-Islamic Urban Form
20 JADLA, Ibrahim The University of Tunis I Al Sudan (Blacks) in Ifriqiya(Tunisia) in the Middle Ages
21 KUBAT, Ayse Sema Istanbul Technical University Characterization of the Street Networks in the Turkish-Islamic Urban Form
22 KURITA Yoshiko Chiba University The Sudanese Diaspora in Politics: Felix Dar Fur, Duse Muhammad 'Ali, and 'Ali 'Abd al-Latif
23 KUROKI Hidemitsu Tokyo University of Foreign Studies The Mobility of Non-Muslims in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Aleppo
24 LABIDI, Lilia The University of Tunis I Dynamics of Change in the Medical Sector in the Islamic World
25 LEV, Yaacov Bar Ilan University Turks in the Political and Military Life of Eleventh-Century Egypt and Syria
26 MORIMOTO Kazuo The University of Tokyo Diffusion of the Naqibship of the Talibids: A Study on the Early Dispersal of Sayyids
27 NARLI, Nilufer Marmara University Urbanization, Structural Changes, and the Rise of Political Islam in Turkey
28 NIYAZOVA, Makhsuma, Bukhara State Museum Kubachi Silversmiths in Bukhara
29 OISHI Takashi Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Friction and Rivalry Over the Pious Mobility: British Colonial Management of the Hajj and Its Reaction Among Indian Muslims, 1870 to 1920
30 PARVEVA, Stefka Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Human Mobility and Transmission of Information in the Ottoman Empire (17th-18th Centuries)
31 ROUSSOLLON, Alain CESHS Remaining Oneself Beyond the Borders: Identity and Travel in the Colonia. and Post-Colonial Division of the World  
32 SCHOEBERLEIN, John Harvard University Islam on the Hoof: The Nomadic of the Islamic World in Central Asia

Session 3: A City of Interactions: Jerusalem

33 DUMPER, Michael The University of Exeter, Exeter Muslim Institutions and the Political Process: The Palestinian Waqf and the Struggle Over Jerusalem, 1967-1997
34 FUJITA Susumu Tokyo University of foreign Studies, Tokyo Conflict and Ties in Jerusalem, A City of Many Peoples
35 IKEDA Akifumi Toyo Eiwa Women's University, Tokyo Changes in Jerusalem Since the 1960s
36 KHOURY, Geries Al Liqa' Center, Jersalem One City, Two People, and Three Religions
37 LESCH, Ann Villanova University, Villanova, PA "My" Jerusalem or "Our"Jersalem: Can Alternative Futures Be Envisioned?
38 SULEIMAN, Yasir The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Sociolinguistic Reflexes of Plitical Confilct: The Case of Jerusalem
39 TATEYAMA Ryoji The National Defence academy, Yokosuka Ideas and Options for Addressing the Question of Jerusalem
40 USUKI Akira The National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka Jersalem in the Mind of the Japanese