Foreign Dispatch Report-- Teheran, IRAN



Researcher: IWASAKI Yoko, Institute of Developing Economies

Dates: June 29 to July 22, 1999

Destination: Teheran, Iran



The main purposes of this foreign dispatch were (A) to conduct a survey on the system of domestic distribution of goods in Iran and (B) to collect related statistics and literature.


With the cooperation of the Association of Textile Industries of Iran and the Union of Apparel Manufacturers of Tehran, I conducted oral interviews of wholesale merchants (a total of 12 companies) based on a questionnaire (oral interviews of retailers and private manufacturers were also conducted, but the results are not discussed here). These interviews were supplementary to one that I had conducted before. The main themes of this survey were to investigate (a) what type of trade relationships has been established between manufacturers and wholesalers in the distribution process from production to sale, and (b) what role Tehran as a manufacturing center plays in the domestic market of Iran.


The results of these oral interviews shows that (a) as long as apparel distribution system in Tehran is concerned, so-called vertical integration is hardly seen in the trade relationship between manufacturers and wholesalers , nor cooperation, which is commonly found in Japan and other developed countries, and that (b) Tehran is one of the biggest centers of apparel distribution in Iran. It seems that due to the fact that both manufacturers and wholesalers are small-scale enterprises, the differentiated distribution channels have also remained. However, surveys on retailers are also necessary to deduce a more comprehensive picture of apparel distribution of Iran, to find the reasons why distribution channels have not been more integrated.


(B)I did not have access to this year's statistical yearbook, as it was scheduled to be published in August or September. However, in addition to several industrial statistics, I was able to obtain the 1370-1375 version of the National Account Report. Particularly valuable materials or literature on this survey were not found, nor did the above-stated organizations have the related materials. It was also unfortunate that I could not purchase general publications from the many bookstores located near the campus of Teheran University due to the disturbance in mid-July.


Overall, this was a very successful dispatch with great cooperation of counter-parts in Tehran. I would like to submit a report as the result of survey as soon as possible to repay the kindness of those who assisted me, and by that I hope to contribute to this project, which so generously allowed me the opportunity to go on this foreign dispatch.