Today's Islamic Political Movement and the Global Security



Posted on March 4, 1998


This presentation, first, outlines the present condition of the thought and activities of the Islamic extremists, who are regarded as a serious threat to the global security after the end of the Cold War. It also traces the origins of their rise to politico-social, international and financial factors, as well as discusses the way in which the international society should deal with these extremists. Second, it surveys the recent revival of Islam in the Caspian region whose question of oil pipeline routes attract world-wide attention In addition, it briefly examines the U.S. policy to the Caspian states and touches on the current state of Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan. Third, it explores the possible shift in the Clinton Administration's policy toward Iran. Particularly, it pays attention to how the realistic posture of the new president, Khatami, leaves no room for the U.S. but to consider departing from the double containment policy.