Group 5a - The 8th Saray Albums Seminar Report


Date: Wed; January 19, 2000

Place: The Institute of Oriental Culture; The University of Tokyo

Lecturer: Bernard O'KANE (The American University of Cairo)

Title: Wanderers and Demons: The Jalayirid Connection


It is known that the Jalayirids (1340~1432), who governed west Iran and Iraq, owned manuscripts from the Ilkhanid period and supported many artists under their patronage. A series of pictures depicting demons and nomads and copies of Chinese art in "The Saray Albums" are attributed to the Jalayirids because of the oversized insects, the lack of landscape, and because of the unique method of depicting rocks in small dots.

More specifically, they are attributable to Sultan Ahmad's (reign :1382~1410 ). Several similar characteristics are indicated by comparing these works with the " Divan of Sultan Ahmad" which was produced under the Sultan Ahmad's reign: bent weeds, people drawn behind the landscape and women's hands decorated with henna are some of the hints.