Unit 1
2000~2001 Record of Activities

April 15

1) SAKAI Keiko (Institute of Developing Economies)
Islamic Political Parties and Marjayya Movement in Iraq

2) TOMITA Kenji (Oita University)
Political Thought in Contemporary Iran: Western Values and Islam

July 4

1) SASAGAWA Hideo (Sophia University)
Continuity and Discontinuity in the colonial and post-colonial discourses:
Case Studies of Cambodian court dance

2) TAKAKURA Hiroki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Saha Nationalism and Soviet Standardized Culture

July 29

KAWAMOTO Masakazu (Nara Sangyo University)
Some Approaches to the Islamic Family Law: A Historical Viewpoint

August 4

1) KIMURA Masatoshi (Hosei University)
Some Issues on the Gulf War as "Just War"

2) ISHIDA Ken (Chiba University)
The Gulf War and the United Nations

August 10

Diaa RACHWAN (Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, Cairo)Contemporary Islamic Political Movements and Discourses: Case Studies from
Egypt and Japan

September 6

Michael W. Hudson (Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University)
"Progress and Setbacks for Political Liberalization in the Arab World"

September 8

1 KOSUGI Yasushi (Kyoto University)
"Japanese Perspectives on Islamic Revival"

2 Diaa RACHWAN (Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, Cairo)
"Islamic Revival: Developments, Transformation and Prospects"

September 22

YAMANE So (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)
Maududi and Jamaat-I-Islami.

October 21

ITO Hiroko (Aichi Women's Junior College)
Islamic Law in India: Marrage and Divorce.

November 25, 26@

Nation and Modernity in the East and Central Eurasia.

Session P

SAHARA Tetsuya (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
National Formation, Ethnie and Ethnicity in the 19th Century Balkan City.

UYAMA Tomohiko (Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University)
History, Nation and Central Eurasia.

2000~2001 Central Asia Research Seminars

July 21: 12th Research Seminar

National Identity and Culture in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan


Komatsu Hisao (The University of Tokyo)
"Reform and Rebellion in Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century"

Report 2

Laura L. Adams (Department of Sociology, Hamilton Collegej
"National Identity and Culture in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan"

November 11: 13th Research Seminar

Davoud CHARMI (Councellor to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
"Islamic Identity in Central Asia"

November 18 :14th Research Seminar

Stephane A. DUDOIGNON (CNRS- Strasbourg)
An Islamic Modernism in Siberia: The Journal "Sibiriya" (Tomsk, 1912-1913) and
its Audience

December 4:15th Research Seminar

"Democratic Traditions in Kazakh Nomadic Society"